The Restoration Center, Inc. is dedicated to helping those individuals and families which range from very low, low to moderate income levels, gain independence and stability in their communities.

The Restoration Center, Inc. was founded and incorporated in the state of New Jersey in 1993. The center performs day to day operations at 272-308 South 12th Street, Newark, New Jersey.

Our mission is to bring hope back to communities ravaged by the effects of homelessness, unemployment, drugs, crime, physical and mental health illness; and overall economic inequality. That mission is supported by the provision of temporary shelter to assist the population served in their quest for permanent housing, stability and financial independence.

Our motto “Empowering People for the Future” is supported by our vision to provide recreation, health services, job training and job placement assistance to our clients to restore dignity and self-respect to a people that have been stigmatized by communities that are said to be dying.

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